Sunday, 13 September 2009

OOOoooold jewels..mourning??

Thanks to my friend Amanda, a conservator and restorer, I have some lovely images of some pieces of jewellery..including some mourning jewellery.

Mourning jewellery really inspired my last year of university and I love hair work..

This is interesting as we don't know what the red material is..initially it was thought to be horse hair but on closer inspection seems too smooth..

Graduate show and New Designers

These are some images from my graduate show at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln and the New Designers show at The Design Centre, Islington...

I used glass domes or vetrines to display some of my pieces to enhance their fragility and the idea of containment. I am fanscinated with taxidermy and the way in which we look at animals so I thought these victorian domes were ideal..especially as the two pieces that are inside glass have tiny animals inside them..they are containers inside of containers!

I love this "book shelf" card holder..

This is a red moth inside a scientific slide that I framed in silver..I love building little homes for insects I find..I also encourage the viewing aspect of creatures..

This is an etched silver locket that I built in a tubular pops open and has a gold victorian style safety chain.

This is a postcard I had made for New was recieved really well by everyone who came by my stand so I think it is important to have images to give away, reminding people of your work with something visual.

This locket is etched with a map of North England.

I found a really old microscope to display my moth piece in to encourage people to look closer and become interactive with my work..